In a world of escalators, figures pursue their desire to consume in a given rhythm. One of the figures is sucked in at the end of an escalator and finds itself in a quiet, weightless room, where it joins the playing group. Meanwhile, the escalator world is thrown into confusion by a chips-mad dog. When the dog is also sucked in by an escalator, a power struggle between the two worlds begins.
megamall is my graduation film i did at HSLU Design & Kunst Luzern in 2020.
2D / 4min / no dialog
additional animation
Andrea G. Sidoti
Natasha Carolus
Valerie Scheidegger
Pavithra Paul
Marco Jörger
Serafin Aebli
sound design
Loïc Kreyden
Thomas Gassmann
Maja Gehrig
Locarno 2020 (official selection)
Fantoche 2020 (official selection)
LIAF 2020 (official selection)
off is a short animated experimental film i did in OUT OF HOME ANIMATION WORKSHOP 2019
music video / 2019 for mehltau

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

video installation for b-sides festival 2019 with marion täschler
musicvideo / 2019 for basement roots
musicvideo / 2018 for lumae
morgle is a 2D animated short i did together with joana fischer at ANIMATION UNPLUGGED WORKSHOP at filmuniversität babelsberg in 2018

this ident i did at HSLU in 2018 together with Elena Felici (director, story, concept art, rigging, 3D animation, compositing), Jonas Bienz (technical director, modeling, texturing, simulations, rendering, compositing, sound design) and Felix Ysenbaert (2D FX, motion graphics).

2D animation, story, 2D concept art, sound desing



Aleksandra Sucur

video installation with jeanine burkart and salome bossard in 2018 in vjing+ at HSLU
jonas arnet
verhüllt / videoinstallation / 2020
ihr - Amélie Cochet & Louis Möhrle / shortfilm / 2019
tankstelle - 50:50 omnibus project gsfa / shortfilm / 2019
professoring gesucht - Martine Ulmer / expenation video / 2018

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